We are surrounded by political commercials and the tiresome rhetoric that accompanies our embattled politicians. Don't worry! I am not going to get on my soap box and shout my political opinions, however it forces me to reflect upon how nasty basic communication has gotten. I just do not think that this is the best way in which to teach effective communication methods to our children. There are so many better ways to communicate to one another and verbalize an opinion or belief without the constant “mud slinging” and name calling. 

I have always said that it isn't just what you say that matters. What does matter, is how the person you are communicating with perceives the message. As business professionals, we work a bit harder to get our point across. However, technology has changed the game and it so easy to be completely misunderstood. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to contact somebody by phone anymore. Yes, I am guilty of it as well. It is far easier to utilize email, text messaging and social media. However, when you are not able to see a person’s eyes or hear in the inflection of their voice it is so easy for a message to be received and translated in a way not intended.

We have become so sophisticated in so many ways and yet we have taken so many steps backwards in our basic social behavior. What happened to the element of personal relationships in the business world? How did we get so busy that we cannot make more time for personal meetings or phone calls? At least there are the Markets that force us to come together and meet face to face a few times durning year.

Our team is busy putting the finishing touches on our High Point showroom in anticipation of a well attended Market. We are excited to debut many new decorative mirrors, accessories and accent furniture pieces. We hope to see you during the Market April 16-20th IHFC H-224. Remember that the Market Authority has shortened the duration of the Market one day. I guess we have one less day to interact with one another face to face. We will talk faster! Hope to see you there!