The temps are starting to cool down, stores are displaying their fall and Halloween decor and...do you smell it? Pumpkin spice everything is wafting our way! 

The start of a new season has us looking ahead to new Trends in Home Decor that we have our eye on. We anticipate these three trends will dominate the industry in the next few months.


Superior Mirror

Superior Mirror

Edison Lights.jpg

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Industrial is normally thought of as a more modern, contemporary look. So how can it also be vintage? Think those great Edison Lights, they make us think of the dawn of the industrial revolution. Coordinate that with brushed antiqued metal trims. Rich brass, bronze and iron finishes dominate.


Click the images below to view a few pieces from our collection that are Vintage Industrial:


This is not a new trend, but it is one that we see gaining strength all the time. White washed & distressed surfaces, neutral fabrics with pops of pinks and blues and antiqued accents all come together to create a warm and inviting setting where you can let go and really relax. 

Click the images below to view a few pieces from our collection that are French Farmhouse:


Thornbury & Daydreamer Mirrors

Thornbury & Daydreamer Mirrors

This is a trend we see branching out further than the coasts. Not to be confused with beach decor, Coastal takes on a much more universal, less kitschy look; a mesh between Industrial and French Farmhouse, this trend features mixed materials such as wood & metals, rope details and sophisticated accents of sea life. 

Click the images below to view a few pieces from our collection that are Cottage Retreat:

These are just a few of the many trends emerging this season. See them all at the upcoming High Point Market, October 14-18. Visit our showroom Howard Elliott Collection IHFC #H-224.


Recently our President, Brian Berk, was interviewed by Home Accents Today to get our take on the Wall Decor Industry and how it pertains to Howard Elliott. Check out the interview here:

Decorative mirrors with unique finishes have helped establish Howard Elliott as a “go-to” resource for trendsetting options in dressing bare walls. Now the company is hoping for the same strong results with its first collection of wall art. Distinctive and eye-catching, the wall art showcases the company’s firm commitment to “be unique, without being over the top,” according to President Brian Berk. Here, he elaborates on Howard Elliott’s multidimensional 2017 wall décor presentation.

Please describe the highlights of your 2017 introductions in Wall Decor. What elements are used? What color palettes are highlighted?

"We have introduced over 75 new pieces of Wall Décor in 2017 and it is only May! We have focused heavily on the natural materials and have featured more subdued tones of grey, taupe, and light brown wood. Additionally, we added a few select oversized decorative mirrors that certainly provide a statement in a 48”x84”x3½” glossy black and white lacquer finishes. Howard Elliott maintains a selection of over 800 different decorative mirrors in various shapes, sizes and finishes."

What have been some of your early standouts in Wall Décor & Mirrors?

"Our Carver Mirror with natural wood tones and Sunburst features has been well received thus far as well the Nanette Mirror which provides a cross between a Coastal Beach finish that can also double as French Country. As stated above the Titan glossy white oversized shadow box mirror was a show favorite. April High Point was Howard Elliott’s first introduction of a Wall Art line. Although the introduction was modest, the abstract canvases in simple wood frames were very well priced and received. In particular, our Dandelion Wall art, which featured a bright lacquered silver leaf canvas with a silver leaf wood frame, was the leader amongst the new collection. The three-dimensional aspect of the canvas is unique and complemented several accessory collections in the showroom."

CARVER MIRROR - Click Image to View Online

CARVER MIRROR - Click Image to View Online

Titan MIRROR - Click Image to View Online

Titan MIRROR - Click Image to View Online

Dandelion Wall Art - Click Image to View Online

Dandelion Wall Art - Click Image to View Online

Based on High Point, what are your predictions for the performance of the Wall Décor category this year?

"We believe that we will see a strong finish to 2017 and that we will have double digit growth in the category as a whole. The e-commerce channel continues to be a huge resource for decorative vanity mirrors and the design trade has embraced many of our selections and custom capabilities to drive our more fashion selections. A great number of apartments and multi-family housing continues to be built, so we see vast opportunities in the coming months."

Why do consumers continue to embrace Wall Décor?

"Wall Décor is a considered purchase but one that truly can complete a room. A decorative mirror has become functional art. In fact, often the decorative mirror can enlarge or add depth to a furnished room. Decorative mirrors are not just for bathrooms and dressing rooms any longer. It is not uncommon to see an eight foot mirror in a living room or dining room in today’s homes."

How does your company distinguish itself from the competition?

"Howard Elliott works tirelessly to remain unique without being “over the top.” We strive to offer elegant design at affordable prices. The depth of our collection certainly has been a key to our success."

Any additional comments you would like to make either on changes for the company this year or pertinent developments that buyers should know?

"We look forward to a second roll out of our painted canvas Wall Art collection in High Point this October. We feel strongly about our Wall Art program as well as the subject matter and price points. While this remains a limited collection, we feel that it will help the sales of our other categories in the showroom as it will continue to help broaden our reach to our home accessory dealers as well as our design customers."

You can see our new Wall Art Collection at the upcoming Summer Markets:

Las Vegas Summer Market
July 30- August 3, WMC A-332

Atlanta Summer Market
July 11 - 18, Building 1, 11-E-3A / D7

Can't wait? You can view online! Log in to order.



Memorial Day is a time to reflect on those that paid the ultimate price in active duty for our military. It gives you a sense of undeniable patriotic pride in total strangers who chose to unselfishly gave their all so that we may be free. This remembrance reminds us how great this country is and can continue to be. It is this sense of pride we incorporate into every item we manufacture in our Chicagoland facility.

At our beginning, 15 long years ago, The Howard Elliott Collection was strictly an import company. Mirrors, with the addition of accessories soon after, was what we did and what we were known for. In 2009, we were were approached with the idea of acquiring a sewing & manufacturing facility. This opened the door to a entirely new world of options. That October, we acquired Chicago Textile, officially expanding our portfolio of product to now include domestically made soft goods and upholstery pieces, paving the road to the Howard Elliott you know today.

Seamstress expertly inserting an invisible zipper.

Seamstress expertly inserting an invisible zipper.

Pillows, accent seating, ottomans, and slipcovered headboards are just a few of the items we manufacture. We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast turn around times, meticulous attention to detail and quality control, and most importantly, the ability to employ people from the community. 

Being able to manufacture goods in the States also allows us to provide you with more options when it comes to getting what you want. There is no need to worry about hefty minimums when it comes to custom product. We can take your fabrics and turn them into any HEC product. Because we can manufacture soft goods domestically, many clients look to us for our ability to create Private Label programs as well. 

So enough about us, this Memorial Day, when you are taking a moment to remember the unselfish sacrifice many gave, remember the pride in what it means to be American and what Made in America actually means, because it carries so much more weight than just “something made in the United States.

137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America’s most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed-it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy.
— Congressman Doc Hastings


The Millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with. At over 74 million strong, they make up a huge buying power in the world. And great news for retailers and e-commerce sites that carry mirrors, Millennials LOVE to look at themselves! 



Check out this short video about the buying power of Millennials in the home decor industry.

Could you use a few more mirrors in your stock? With a versatile collection of mirrors, look to Howard Elliott for the perfect selection of pieces to fill your store or online offering!


Our Wall Pixels are not new in our product line. In fact, you may have seen them and just kind of passed them by, not really understanding the full scope of what they can do. 

At their most basic level, they are upholstered wall panels. But in the grand scheme of things, they are so very much more than that. Why just paint a wall, when you can add interest with texture, color and pattern? 

Each Wall Pixel is a simple, fabric upholstered board that you attach to your wall or surface using our simple Peel & Stick method. Since they are applied as individual boards, you can arrange them in any configuration to fit your space or application. Create patterns with color and texture by alternating fabrics. The possibilities are endless. 

And Designers! You've spent countless hours searching for the perfect color & fabric scheme for your client. Since we make these pieces in our Chicagoland factory, we can make the Wall Pixels with the fabric selections that you found! 

But to really get the full concept of our Wall Pixels, check out this video to see them in action:

Have you seen our Wall Pixels and thought, "That's cool. But I don't get how they work." Check out this video and see just how our Wall Pixels are the best in functional wall decor!

Here are a few examples of some of the applications you can create using Wall Pixels

Now that you have a better idea of how they work, it's time to give them a try in your next project:


It is hard to believe that it is already mid November and dare I say it? The holidays are right around the corner. So much has happened in the last few weeks and I would like to take a moment to reflect on the gratitude I have for everything that has happened.

October marked the beginning of our 15th Anniversary here at Howard Elliott. We hosted a dinner with our sales force. It was a great time and we enjoyed exchanging stories about the history of the company from its inception to milestones along the way. I am grateful for this team. The constantly pound the streets and the interweb to get our message out there and add that personal touch that we so strive for everyday.

Not all, but a significant number of our nationwide sales force

Not all, but a significant number of our nationwide sales force

The original 3 of our sales team that have been there from the beginning. Jeff Smoger, Frank Miskit & David Kirsch

The original 3 of our sales team that have been there from the beginning. Jeff Smoger, Frank Miskit & David Kirsch

Exchanging stories about how Howard Elliott got started

Exchanging stories about how Howard Elliott got started

The following night, we hosted a cocktail party in our showroom. We had fabulous food catered from Southern Roots, drinks and great conversation. Friends and partners came from all over, plus new faces that we hope will become old friends in no time. I was humbled by the number of people that came to commemorate this milestone with us. THANK YOU!!

The showroom was hoppin'! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate!

The showroom was hoppin'! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate!

Even the IMC stopped by to deliver a cake and some kind words.

Our look has changed so much over the years. From the expansion of our product line, to the way we present it. This High Point Market we changed yet again! The entire showroom was emptied, gutted and remodeled. The brand new look was unveiled on the opening day of the showroom and our merchandising team knocked it out of the park with the vignettes they created. I hope it inspired you and your teams on how to display or use our product in new and innovative ways.  

Click the photo to view the photo tour of our HIgh Point showroom

Click the photo to view the photo tour of our HIgh Point showroom


As our product selection continues to evolve, so do our suppliers. We have been developing a great deal of product in India, and this year our Product Development team made its maiden voyage to the country. That was a unique experience. From the food, to the sights to the factories we visited, it is always enriching to absorb other cultures in their element. 

Another momentous occasion that for Howard Elliott; we were nominated for our first ever ARTs Award. When we were announced as being a candidate, it really took me aback. This is it! We are actually getting noticed for all of the things that we strive to accomplish everyday! It is a great honor to be nominated and my team and I are extremely grateful.  

Click the image for the full list of nominees >

You may have heard that the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year drought and are the 2016 World Series Champions! At least this fan of 46 years was ecstatic. Even if you are not a Cubs fan, this win symbolizes what you can accomplish if you never give up! Always evolve, always try your best and great things will come.

My oldest daughter & I at a World Series Game at the friendly confines

My oldest daughter & I at a World Series Game at the friendly confines



Last but definitely not least, I am so grateful for the incredible team that we have built to support Howard Elliott. They surprised me with a special tribute to honor our anniversary and each took a photo commemorating the special event. I am proud of each and every one of them, both in the US and in China. You see their hard work in our presentation, service and product selection. The culture of the company is exemplified by the attention to detail we offer each and every day.   

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that our industry creates and presents. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years looks like for Howard Elliott and the industry as a whole.    

Thank you all! And have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Interior Designers, Retail Buyers and Event Planners buy our product and go on to do wonderful, gorgeous things with them! Unfortunately for us, we don't always get to see the amazing things that these people create. WELL NO MORE!!! 

Now is the time to SHOW US YOUR HOWARD ELLIOTT!!! Email us pictures of your showrooms, design installations, event set ups and anything else that includes Howard Elliott product! Let us take your photos and show the world the beautiful work you do. You could win $500!

Make sure and get your submissions in by 10/16! Winner will be announced at the kick off of the High Point Market and the kick off of our 15th Anniversary Celebration!!!!

Email your entry now to cheryl@howardelliott.com


Birthdays are always fun! And we expect ours to be a BLAST! This High Point Market marks our 15th Anniversary and we are going all out!! We are planning our best collection of introductions yet! You won't want to miss it! 

While we want to keep the introduction a surprise......we are dying to show you just a little of what we have in store! Here is a quick little sneak peek of what we are introducing:

This High Point marks our 15th Anniversary! Enjoy this sneak peek of our best introduction yet! Then come see the entire introduction in our newly remodeled showroom in the IHFC Building #H-224 October 22-26.


On Saturday 10/22 at 4pm we are having a party!! Cocktails, H'orderves and great company and you are invited! Plus!!! You can enter to win a $250 AMEX gift card!!!!

Click the image to RSVP!

Click the image to RSVP!

The markets are a great way for us to stay in touch, for you to meet our team and check out the product line in person where you can fully experience The Howard Elliott Collection in all its glory! We can't wait to see you there!

High Point Market
October 22-26, 2016
IHFC #H-224


We understand it is important to get your product in one piece!

We understand it is important to get your product in one piece!

It may be the last step in getting product out the door, but a company’s packaging presents an important first opportunity to impress a customer and ensure repeat business. While not the most glamorous aspect of manufacturing, packaging is a science.  Everybody who has received their fragile merchandise intact from thousands of miles away, certainly appreciates the extra effort. Howard Elliott’s team strives for a perfect end result with every single order. We recognize that regardless of the distribution channel, how a product is packed is just as important as how it’s designed and how quickly delivered.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a damage rate of less than 2.5% for all of our major retail AND e-commerce customers. We even get a chuckle sometimes in reading customer comments where they “complain” that there is soooo much packaging protecting our products!

Specifically, how are Howard Elliott’s packaging techniques better than our competitors? Well, to start our team meets with packaging specialists at FedEx monthly to evaluate our current shipments, damages and repeat “offenders.” Here we evaluate what changes need to be made at the item level and globally across the line as a whole, to again, guarantee that the goods will arrive to the customer in one piece. Items are regularly sent to the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing lab to further ensure compliance. 

On the factory floor, extra fragile mirrors and accessories are over packed with an additional layer of packaging for small parcel shipments. Our large scale, LTL shipments are enhanced with extra supports and strapping on their pallets. Extra packaging is also added internally, where necessary, to prevent in-house breakage. Sometimes, we utilize extra foam peanuts or polyurethane wrap, while other products require additional corner reinforcement. 

Daily, we’re challenged to match the right packaging with each item of our diverse offering of product, which features a great variety of sizes and materials. Our team studies and tests each piece individually, and we monitor the status of all of our products on a continuous basis. We enlist the help of experts in packaging supplies to assist us with this difficult task.  

Today’s new business channels continue to challenge us to explore the latest and most cost effective ways to package our products. We even go so far as to create wooden crates for some of our customized product specifically meant for hospitality and high design distribution channels. 

So while over packing may be discouraged when traveling, here at Howard Elliott, it’s one of the integral elements to our successful “Signature of Design” formula. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to making sure our exclusive products arrive exactly as our customers expect, and ready to become statement pieces right out of the box. We invite you to experience our packaging excellence on your next order – you won’t have any complaints about over-packing!