Well, this is my first stab at a writing a blog! As I sit at the DMV with my 16 years old daughter who is taking the driving test for the first time, I cannot help but reflect (no pun intended). Oh, how the time flies! We all have to remember to take a deep breath and step back in our hectic days to remember what is important, FAMILY! Why is it that we put ourselves through the stress and strain of our work day? The answer generally comes back to Family. Yes, we have to provide financially for our families, but we also take lessons from our work lives and integrate them into our home lives every day.

I started Howard Elliott shortly after Marley (the one hopefully passing the driving test right now) was born. As Howard Elliott embarks upon its 15th year in business, I can only reflect on the growth of the business with a smile of pride. Family is not just at home. I have been blessed to have adopted an extended family at work that has grown from 2 people in 2001 to approximately 40 people spanning two (2) continents. I am proud of what my extended family has accomplished and have a sometimes overwhelming feeling of obligation, to lead the team so each team member can provide for each of their families as well.

Working, leading and managing various personalities is no different than parenting or mentoring children. We all know that each child we parent or mentor requires a little different method. There really is no key that fits and opens all doors. Some people need encouragement, like Marley my oldest daughter. Some need strict discipline, like my youngest Tyler; my energetic son. And many fall in between the extremes, like my middle child, Amanda. There really is a true correlation between ourlives and home and work.

We are grateful to celebrate many birthdays this month at both home and in the workplace that I would like to acknowledge:
2/3: Colleen Daly, Director of Sales
2/11: Marley Berk (my eldest daughter)
2/24: Alma De La Rosa, Purchasing Manager
2/25: Yours truly (hopefully continuing to age like a fine wine)

By the way, Marley passed the driving test and is all smiles. Oh, to be Sweet 16!

 Marley & I at the DMV (I passed the written test too)

Marley & I at the DMV (I passed the written test too)