The holidays bring about that warm and fuzzy feeling of being thankful for everything that has happened throughout the year. One major thing that we are incredibly grateful for is being nominated as a finalist for the 29th ARTS Award! It is truly an honor to be recognized in the industry as a stand out company.

Home Accents Today conducted an interview of our President, Brian Berk about being nominated:


To use a baseball analogy, Howard Elliott Collection has now made it to the post season two years in a row, as the company continues to “score” with innovative and multi-functional products in the home accents arena. “Our goal is to design products that not only look great, but have a real purpose in the home,” says President Brian Berk. “We also identify voids in the market and create opportunities.” Here, Berk o ers a closer look into Howard Elliott’s winning record for 2017.

The ARTS Awards recognize innovation and leadership. How has your company demonstrated both of these qualities in 2017?

Innovation is paramount to being a leader in the industry. Always looking for unique ways to mix materials and create product that pushes the design envelope, Howard Elliott is constantly striving to be innovative. Where we have excelled is in presenting pieces that are multi-purpose, as well as oversized accessories that  ll a huge gap in the market and doing so at a palatable price point.


To be a leader in our industry, one must continue to be nimble and ready to adapt to the ever-changing market. Being stagnant and having the attitude of “well, this is how we have always done it,” will never aid in one’s success. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and catering to their requests and needs. The ultimate goal is to be a great partner and to provide home décor options that the end consumer desires. But being a leader isn’t just about business; it is about giving back. This year has offered many devastating hardships and challenges to human kind. The hurricanes and forest fires has effected many of our customers. We have been more than happy to support a number of causes to help get them back on their feet.

What have been your product highlights this year?

Today everyone wants their home to look like a beautifully designed hotel lobby, and vice versa.  Therefore, we’ve been working with more cast aluminum that is versatile enough to move between the hospitality and residential markets. Another important initiative has been trying to incorporate materials that lend themselves to being merchandised in multiple areas of the home. To that end, Howard Elliott is utilizing materials, finishes and textures that have created a clear understanding of the HE design aesthetic.


Have you made any significant changes this year that have contributed to this recognition?

Absolutely! As Howard Elliott has grown, I’ve realized that I just can’t do everything myself! It has been one of my main initiatives for 2017; to find talented people who can make Howard Elliott, and me, better. This year we enlisted the help of new Product Development personnel. This expansion has enabled us to round out our categories and gain an “outsider’s” perspective into our product portfolio. I believe the more sets of eyes we have broadens our approach and makes us a better resource to our customers. I look for those with a background in merchandising, because they provide great insight into how a product gets placed and what’s needed to round out a category or collection. I also look for interior designers who are well versed in the fashion side of the equation. A company can only be as strong as its employees and I want to make sure that Howard Elliott has a strong team in its corner.

How has the recognition by the ARTS community impacted your company’s growth?

There is always very tough competition, so to be recognized as one of the five finalists, TWICE, is truly humbling. Not to mention the immense sense of pride that it evokes. The nominations have certainly added to the value of our brand and the brand awareness. Combined with our marketing efforts and philanthropic endeavors, our ARTS recognition has strengthened the Howard Elliott name throughout the industry.



Thank you to all of you that nominated us. It is truly an honor. You can find this interview in the November issue of Home Accents Today. You will recognize it - we are on the cover!