Spring is slowly making itself known in the northern states of the US. While a lot of us are still getting pounded with snow, here in Chicago a few flowers are emerging and the trees are tentatively showing their new budding leaves. I don't know about you, but I am tired of waiting and am ready for some COLOR!

Bring new life to your decor simply by adding touches of colors around your home! Pillows, vases, and flowers are a few ways. But for a really fun change, without breaking the bank, how about a bold, colorful mirror?! 

Our Custom Color Collection brings you over 65 frame styles in one of ten bold, glossy finishes making the options virtually endless! 

Watch this video and find out how you can add a pop of color to your walls re-energizing your decor and brightening your day! Click the image below to watch:

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why not have it all? Elevate your Howard Elliott Design Story with a new dimension: COLOR!

So now you are ready to bring some color into your home! Check out all the color mirrors here: