We owe our continued success to the strong team we have working behind the scenes. From our team in China, to our home team in Addison, IL , to our sales force across the continent, every member is in a position where their individual talents can shine.

While we are not a huge company, our group of approximately 40 individuals contribute to the success of HEC. The benefits of having such a small group allow us to work in a more intimate setting and the ability to offer a personable, hands on approach to every aspect of the business.

Because of our size, we are able to function more as a family than a business. We operate on the culture of work hard / play hard, which is important to break of the strenuousness of the day to day responsibilities.

While we hope that our work ethic and determination to provide for our customers impresses you, it is both our individual personalities and our personality as a company that we hope shines through.